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Sneakpeek of R-SERIES, the “luna in the sea” series.
This lovely OP is going to be released in this later July.
And there will be another color in dark blue as well.:D

Anonymous asked
B and S

B: Do you prefer Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates?
I think AatP has better prints that Baby. I own two AatP dresses and one Baby, the quality is good, but AatP has more “dark” themes which go well with my current wardrobe.

S: Do you think Sugary Carnival is cute, or overrated?
I’m into classic lolita so my answer will be really subjective. I think it’s overrated, there are lots of cuter AP prints out there. For me, this print is not appealing at all!

Lolita asks!

A: Do you own anything from Angelic Pretty?

B: Do you prefer Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates?

C: Cutest accessory you own?

D: Dream print?

E: Do you put together coords for various holidays? What’s your favorite?

F: Do you have any lolita friends?

G: Gothic or sweet lolita?

H: How do you deal with getting “weird looks” because you’re dressed differently?

I: Do you think you ever went through an “ita” phase? Describe.

J: Take a picture of all your lolita jewelry!

K: Are there any other styles that you like, such as fairy kei, etc?

L: Are you lifestyle lolita? Do you wish to be one day?

M: Do you watch anime or read manga?

N: Favorite new 2013 print?

O: OPs, skirts, or JSKs?

P: Favorite place to go while dressed in lolita?

Q: Create your own question!

R: Rate these brands from your favorite to least favorite: Angelic Pretty, Btssb, A&P, Innocent World, Bodyline, and Metamorphose!

S: Do you think Sugary Carnival is cute, or overrated?

T: Favorite flavor of tea?

U: Cute underwear or bloomers?

V: Do you like to wear vests or cardigans?

W: Take a picture of your lolita wardrobe!

X: What’s the worst print or dress you’ve seen?

Y: Upload a picture of yourself in lolita.

Z: What do you love most about lolita fashion?


.~° Victoire °~.

Very elegant dress featuring an antique cupcake print by Medusa Couture, perfect for the Classic Lolita look.

Buy it here:


It’s been over a year since Lief became an independent brand after several collaborations. We sincerely appreciate your trust, support, and love for Lief. 
To appreciate all of you, we decided to re-release the Gardenberries, Rabbits, and Crochet Series that Lief’s designer Sora created several years ago. She added a new color and retouched the previous colors to improve the brightness. We are very happy to announce Lief’s new upcoming series, “The Gardenberries Rabbit.“
Please visit our Facebook page again for more information. As always, we will do our best to produce the quality and beautiful products.

Thank you very much!



The Gardenberries Rabbit Series-

Reservation open at 4th July.

Korean webpage:
Official Twitter:
Japanese official Blog: